Author Biography

I am Kes.

And perhaps I should have said: I think far too much, therefore I write. Or perhaps: I feel, therefore I write.

What you need to know is this: when I was 3, my father taught me to read and my mother taught me to read music. It wasn’t that they were pushy parents or anything, actually it was kindness: I was already picking out tunes on the piano and I was already trying to make sense out of thoughts, so they were just trying to help me do those things more efficiently.

You could say it another way: my father taught me to put inchoate strands of something into thoughts and thoughts into words; my mother taught me to shape a tumultuous mass of emotion into distinct feelings, and feelings into music.

Sadly, when I was 9 the fact that I could put emotions into music so successfully landed me a place at a specialist music school. I escaped when I was 12, but something about the relationship between thought and feeling had been irreparably damaged, Something about my relationship with music had been damaged, too, so I started to rely on words to express both thoughts and feelings.

Probably a big mistake, but somehow I’m still stuck doing it. And my thoughts and my feelings are still teenage thoughts and feelings – they’ll go on being teenage thoughts and feelings till I find a way to write them loud enough that other people hear. So I write YA novels; a blog about education; plays and screenplays featuring teenagers and random stuff about… well, mainly teenagers, musicians and Nazis.

If you’re on this site but prefer to hang out with adults, then… stick around and I might change your mind.